Use [wp-pic] to output a single plugin.

The wp-pic shortcode can be used to display a single or multiple plugins. See below for the shortcode parameters.

Example shortcode:

[wp-pic slug="simple-revisions-delete" layout="large" scheme="scheme1" align="right" margin="0 0 0 20px" containerid="download-sexion" ajax="yes"]// Some code


Can be of type plugin or theme. Type plugin is default.

[wp-pic type="theme" slug="zerif-lite"]


The slug (required) parameter can be a single or comma-separated string of plugin slugs.

[wp-pic slug="wp-plugin-info-card"]

Comma-separate the slugs to be in multi mode, which will output multiple plugins.

[wp-pic slug="wp-plugin-info-card,highlight-and-share"]


Default is “card” so you may leave this parameter empty. Available layouts are: card, large, flex & wordpress. The default layout can be set in the admin settings.

[wp-pic slug="wp-plugin-info-card" layout="wordpress"]


Select a card color scheme. Available schemes are scheme1 through scheme14. The default scheme can be set in the admin settings.

[wp-pic slug="wp-plugin-info-card" scheme="scheme14"]


Designate an image that will take the place of a plugin's default banner.

[wp-pic slug="wordpress-seo" image="http//www.mywebsite/custom-image.jpg"]


Set the alignment of the info card. Values can be:

  • center

  • left

  • right


Set the container ID of the plugin wrapper.

The default is: default: wp-pic-PLUGIN-SLUG.


Set the margin for the info card. The default is no margin.

[wp-pic slug="wordpress-seo" align="right" margin="0 0 0 20px"]


Whether to clear the float of the container. Default is empty.

Choices are:

  • below

  • after

[wp-pic slug="wordpress-seo" clear="after"]


By default, the info card are cached at 720 seconds, so as to not ping the WordPress plugin API in excess.

You can change this expiration when outputting your cards.

[wp-pic type="theme" slug="zerif-lite" expiration="60"]


Whether to load the plugin in via Ajax.

Choices are: yes and no.


Whether to output any strings associated with a plugin or theme.

For plugins: url, name, icons, banners, version, author, requires, rating, num_ratings, downloaded, last_updated, download_link

For themes: url, name, version, author, screenshot_url, rating, num_ratings, downloaded, last_updated, homepage, download_link

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