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WP Plugin Info Card Block

The WP Plugin Info Card block is essentially a wrapper for the wp-pic shortcode.
When first inserting the block, you'll be presented with entering a type and plugin slug.
Type tab: Enter a Type and Slug on the Main Block Screen
The slug can be comma-separated if you would like to display more than one plugin or theme at a time.
Switching to the Appearance tab will allow you to select a layout and a scheme.
Appearance Tab: Set Layout and Scheme
Once you've selected a slug and layout, you can click on Preview and Configure. This will reveal an info card for a plugin or theme.
Preview View
From the block's toolbar menu, you can edit the scheme and layout of the info card.
Change the Layout
Change the Color Scheme
Finally, you can also set the layout/scheme in the sidebar options as well.
Sidebar Options
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