Plugin Screenshots Info Card

Show off a plugin card with screenshots.

Plugin Screenshots Card Block

The Plugin Screenshots Info Card block allows you to display the plugin's information along with any screenshots from

Screenshots will pop up in a lightbox gallery when clicked on.

Inserting the Block

Using the slash command, find the Plugin Screenshots Info Card block.

Slash Commands Help Find the Block Faster

Configuring the Block

When you first enter the block, it will ask for the plugin slug. Go ahead and add your plugin slug; if it is found, you'll be taken to a new screen where you can configure the block.

Block Slug Prompt

Block Options

Several Block Options Allow For Configuring

There are several block options, which can further customize the block.

Rounded Icons and Icon Style

You can adjust how the icon appears for the plugin, and even make the icon black & white.

Enable or Disable the Context Menu

The Context menu displays extra links to the plugin's various sections. If disabled, the context menu will not display.

Override the plugin title

Sometimes the plugin title can be a bit long or has marketing text in it. You can customize how the plugin title is output based on this override.

Enable or Disable Screenshots

If you want to display a plugin without screenshots, you can disable the option here.

Color Themes

For the appearance of the block, there are several "color themes" to choose from.

There are eight color themes available

If you want to create a new color theme, select "Customize the colors," and you'll be able to select from several colors and be able to save your own custom color theme.

Save colors as a new color theme

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